... Why does my call to the String.Format method throw a FormatException? To center the string for output we use the StringUtils.center() method from the Apache Commons Lang library. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects from GitHub. For string value this will extract the substring. We can use both System.out.printf() and System.out.format() methods to format strings in Java. Each object contains 4 string variables and a method to ... align columns of strings and explain ... align columns of strings and explain '\t' (java) hi The printf command understands a series of characters known as a format specification. Thanks =) However, I also have to format these numbers to only go to two decimal places, so can someone give me an example of how to center (or at least right/left align) text using printf? It then takes a string of text and formats it, based on the format specification passed over. jxl.format Class Alignment java.lang.Object jxl.format ... Data in cells with this alignment will be right aligned ... public java.lang.String getDescription() formatter.format ... // Format a string containing a date. Can someone point me in the right ... Align and format text in JTextArea. By default, strings are right-aligned within their field if you specify a field width. However, I want some of the tabs to be right aligned, not left. Hi, I have a question regarding string.Format I am using the following code but I am having a problem. left, center or right alignment. i've been searching but i have not found anything other than pad Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects. The loops are used to build a left and right aligned pattern of *. The precision and width can be // given to round and align the value. In this example, we will learn to align a string to left ,right or center. output += String.format("%d\t\t%.2f\t\t%.2f\t\t%.2f\n", i, interest, principal, balance); } System.out.print(output); Right now I'm using tabs to kinda align it, but as you can prolly figure out it works horrible for numbers of variable length. String.format("%06d", input); //also gives you leading zeros You still have to check if the output is too long, if you always want 6 places. Printf format string ... (The default is to right-align the output.) The composite formatting feature in the .NET Framework makes it easy to left-align or right-align a value in a fixed-width field. Prior to Java 5 java programmer relies on java.text API for all their formatting need but with Java 5 we have now two more convenient way to format String in Java. Without the 0 flag, the number is right aligned. I wrote a class which can format input so that it is properly aligned. The second value in the curly braces dictates the length of the replacement string. Howdy, I am trying to right-justify some text in the console. Assuming you want to right align things on the console, ... i used string out instead.. Java Forums on Bytes. Straight up Java. This program is written in java programming language and will accept a number as input. This page provides Java code examples for jxl.format.Alignment. JDK 1.5 has added format() method in java.lang.String class and provided a printf() method in PrintStream class for printing formatted output in the console. Strings of text can be formatted and output with the printf command. Formatting Numeric Print Output. The Formatter specification in Java 1.5; GNU Bash printf(1) builtin As you can see below, I'm using a String.format() method and System.out.print(). You can supply the third parameter to define your own space character / string. Align String with Spaces ... To align string to the right or to the left use static method String.Format. int input = 893; DecimalFormat decFormat = new DecimalFormat("000000"); //as many palces as you need String output = decFormat.format(input); And then replace all leading zeros with + sign.